Motel keychain Let me overthink this
Motel keychain Let me overthink this

Motel keychain Let me overthink this

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Elevate your keychain game with our cute and funny motel keychain featuring the humorous phrase "Let me overthink this"! Crafted for durability, this keychain not only keeps your keys in check but also adds a touch of wit to your everyday carry. Perfect for those moments when you find yourself contemplating the trivial, this keychain serves as a lighthearted reminder to embrace life with a bit of humor. 


The Message

Made Au Gold has a unifying message that broadcasts the importance of self expression for anyone rocking my pieces. Inspired by everything 70’s and the current social climate, Made Au Gold is seeking to show that an ironic sense of humor, as well as thoughtful design, can spread positivity and bring a light into the world.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide goods that can lead to meaningful conversations that will bring us closer together as a community.

We just want to make cool things for cool people!

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